The Electoral College vs. the National Popular Vote: March 1, 2023 Program Details

Our LWVGP Program Committee is presenting a program on Wednesday, March 1, at 7 p.m., at the GP United Methodist Church on Moross. The program concerns the Electoral College vs the Popular Vote. League members, and their guests, with engage in small discussion groups to learn more about this topic.

Register at this link.

Since the early 1970s, the national League of Women Voters has taken a position that direct election of the President by popular vote is essential to representative government and that the Electoral College should be abolished. The state league has endorsed both of those positions and is preparing to advocate for legislation that would put Michigan on a path to support such a change.

We have designed a two-hour conversation that will introduce Grosse Pointe League members to the various issues underlying the question of popular vote vs. Electoral College. This is not a “sit- and listen” event.

Following a brief introduction, we will break into small, facilitated discussion groups so that we can dig more deeply into the topic.

To prepare for a stimulating discussion, you may want to review this background material in advance:

Our goal is to encourage conversation and networking among our members and to help prepare each of you to have conversations with friends and neighbors as this issue becomes more public later this year.

League members are welcome to invite a guest.