Officers LWVGP

Board of Directors 2023-2024

Executive Board

  • President: Lynne Pierce
  • Vice President, Voter Services: Lauri Read
  • Vice-President, Program: Dawn Drozd
  • Secretary:  Judy Masserang
  • Treasurer: Carol Lufburrow

On-Board Elected Directors

  • Director, Voter Services:  Julianne Phillips 
  • Director, Membership: Catherine Dumke
  • Director, Membership: Jaime Rae Turnbull
  • Director, Program: Joan Richardson

On-Board Positions (Appointed by the President)

  • Advocacy Chair: Lauri Kingsbury
  • Assistant Treasurer: Susan Stanley 
  • Communications Chair, The Voter Co-Editor: Vicki Granger
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chair: Cathy McAdam 
  • Environmental Network Chair: Melissa Levasseur
  • Observer Corps Co-Chairs:  Liz Martin and Sue Acton

Off-Board Positions (Appointed by the President)

  • Finance Review Coordinator: Connie Frey
  • Historian: Annie Spence
  • Parliamentarian: Judy Florian
  • Publicity, The Voter, Co-Editor, Facebook: Judy Florian 
  • Vote411 Coordinator: Sarah Coats
  • Webmaster: Sue Acton

Nominating Committee

  • Laura Larson (chair)
  • Judy Gafa
  • Julianne Phillips

Need to contact a member of our board?    Ask a question?  Volunteer for a committee or event?   Send your email to with the Board Member’s name in the subject line. Your message will be forwarded; usually within 24 hours.