Observer Corps

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization. We do not support or oppose any candidate or political party. We do believe that democracy depends on the informed and active participation of its citizens.

The LWVGP Observer Corps is how you can help your family, neighbors, and community get the information they need. 

Role of an Observer

Observers represent the public at local government meetings, making a visible statement that the community is paying attention. The observer’s role is to be an impartial, silent witness to the processes of local governments.

Local governments make decisions that directly affect our daily lives. 

  • WHO is making these decisions?
  • WHAT topics do our local city councils, school boards, library boards, and county commissions discuss?
  • HOW do our local governments make decisions?

How do I become an Observer? 

  • Join the League of Women Voters Grosse Pointe
  • Attend a one-hour training session

What Does an Observer Do?

  • Choose the organization you wish to observe
  • Commit to meetings of this organization for six months
  • Record the issues discussed and actions taken
  • Provide the LWVGP with your observations

Meetings an Observer Can Attend

  • City Council and Town Hall meetings
  • School Boards
  • Library Boards
  • Planning Commissions and Zoning Boards
  • County Commissions
  • Great Lakes Water Authority, South Macomb Sanitary District
  • Other regional boards

Join us!  


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