DEI Lens – What to Ask

A DEI Lens 

is a way of examining a program, a process, a product, etc. with regard to how it is perceived by a variety of communities, voices, and perspectives, and what, if any, barriers may exist that is preventing it from being equitable or inclusive of everyone.

What to Ask When Examining Your Work Through a DEI Lens

 Who is involved in the process?
o Are key stakeholders meaningfully included?
o Is this work that impacts a group or community? If so, is their voice represented?
o How diverse is the group of decision makers? Is it diverse enough?

 Who will be impacted?
o Who benefits from this?
o Who is burdened by this?
o Does this help us meet the needs of underserved voters?
o Have we considered various, specific marginalized groups and how they might be impacted?

 What are the intended and unintended outcomes?
o What issue are we trying to solve?
o What do we hope will happen?
o What are the potential negative impacts? Who could be hurt by this?
o What data or evidence supports this?
o How might this be perceived by others?

 Does this align with our vision for an equitable and inclusive organization?
o How is equity addressed?
o What barriers might this place in the way of achieving equity?
o How does this impact the League’s culture?

 What changes could be made to make this more equitable?
o What are the short term goals?
o What are the long term goals?
o What, if any, policies or bylaws need to be added or amended?
o What are the benefits for members?
o What are the benefits for partners and/or members of the community?

From LWV League Management 2023