Observers Share Info on Councils, Boards

Featured this month: Grosse Pointe Farms – Joan Hall & Karen Feldman, Observers

City Council Meeting, 11/14/22 Highlights important to LWVGP Advocacy positions:

Transparency & accessibility

  • Unanimous vote (7-0) to adopt resolution to livestream and record meetings; links available at:

  • Sound system in council chambers will be upgraded
  • ADA accommodations: Contact city manager; contact information at

From Joan Hall: “Livestream captioning, using voice-to-text software “seems to be a little creative.”

Environmental/Natural Resources

  • Master Planning Process to explore zoning ordinance changes that would require each property to devote a percentage of its footprint to green space.

From Joan Hall: “Click on the video link for the 11/14/202 meeting and forward to minute 54:20. (Or listen to the whole thing — it’s pretty interesting stuff! You’ll hear the discussion between Catherine Saurbier, resident of 234 Provencal Rd., Mayor Theros (offscreen) and a member of the City Administration, also off-screen.”

“I’d like to see the LWVGP explore [the resident’s] ideas, and if they are feasible, somehow help amplify the message. There will be another public input session for the GPF Master Plan process (February, I think?)  Encourage her to bring the topic up at that session — and also consider writing a letter to the GP News.” 

  • Storm water management: Significant infrastructure improvements for storm water management are being developed by the City’s engineering consultants. These are not “Band-aid” fixes that would kick the can down the road — they’re costly, but necessary improvements to handle growing storm water volume. This is a timely topic since GPF (like other Pointes) is now looking at investing in a $44 million pipe/pump system to reduce the probability of flooding.”
  • Bird safety of War Memorial’s glass still under discussion