LWVUS National Convention Highlights

National Convention Report from Denver

Thank you LWV Grosse Pointe for allowing Sue Acton, Judy Florian and Lauri Kingsbury, to attend the first hybrid National Convention. Delegates chose whether to attend in person or stay home and participate via Zoom. Sue and Judy traveled to Denver; Lauri participated from her desk at home.

The Business of the LWVUS

We installed a new 2022-24 Board of Directors, passed a national budget, voted on the Proposed Program, as well as approved Bylaws Amendments and Resolutions.

Program Highlights

Leagues supported continuing the Campaign for Making Democracy Work: Protecting the Freedom to Vote, Improving Elections, Reducing Money’s Political Influence, and Fighting for Fair Redistricting. A fifth component was approved: Direct Election of Candidates. This includes lobbying for the National Popular Vote and eliminating the Electoral College with a Constitutional Amendment.

Delegates also concurred with and adopted two state positions, effectively making them national positions that any league may use: the LWV New York Health Care update and the LWV of California Health Care position.

Bylaws Highlights

Highlights include passing the proposed Structure Transformation Plan. This transfers membership dues responsibility to the National League and eliminates PMP (per member payment), no sooner than 2024. Details will follow – no action needed at this time.

Other bylaw changes approved at the Convention:

  • allowing electronic meetings
  • permitting the LWVUS CEO to be an ex-officio member of the National Nominating Committee
  • updating the apportionment of delegates for Member-At-Large Units.

LWVGP has already adopted bylaws permitting electronic meetings. The other two do not. affect us. A proposal to eliminate any age requirement for voting membership failed to gain the 2/3 majority needed to pass.

Resolutions Highlights

An LWV Resolution expresses the will of the convention relating to actions the National Board may take in lobbying or advocacy. State Leagues send proposed resolutions to our national board. The Resolution Committee reviews each one and makes recommendations to the delegates. Delegates voted in favor of Reproductive Choice, Immigration Reform, Climate Emergency, DC Statehood, and Action and Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous People.

The Keynote Addresses

The Plenary sessions included inspirational, educational remarks, and a panel discussion. Three of these were recorded by LWVUS and are available to view on YouTube.

  1. Opening address from LWVUS President, Dr. Deborah Ann Turner, M.D.

2. Remarks from MSNBC television host Joy Reid

3. Women Power Democracy Panel Discussion

  • LWV Moderator – Allison Riggs
  • April Albright, Legal Director, Black Voters Matter
  • Noelle Damico, Dir. Of Social Justice, The Workers Circle
  • Nicole Melaku, Exec Dir. Of the National Partnership for New Americans
  • Christian Nunes, President of NOW

This panel demonstrated the relationships LWVUS has with some of our coalition partners.

Protest March

Friday morning, June 24, the first day of the Convention, the Supreme Court announced they had overturned Roe v. Wade. In their keynote addresses, Dr. Turner, President, and Virginia Kase Solomon, CEO, inspired all delegates to not give up and to continue the fight for reproductive choice rights.

Later that morning, LWVUS announced the march to the state capitol. Staff members of LWVUS had gathered poster board and markers for signs. Delegates lettered their signs during spare moments throughout the day. In the afternoon, another staffer took the stage to inform delegates about safety and security during the March.

At 5:00 p.m. LWVUS rallied more than 200 attendees for a march at the Denver Capitol. League members were joined by thousands of other marchers in Denver and hundreds of thousands across the US in protest of the court’s decision.

Workshops, Caucuses and Training

LWVGP’s delegates attended:

  • Leaning into Conflict: Training from Black Voters Matter
  • How to Build Lasting Relationships with City Clerks
  • Climate Interest Group
  • League Management Website Updates
  • Election Security Concurrence
  • How We Move from “Us vs. Them” to “Me & You”
  • Ranked Choice Voting Education & Messaging for Voters and Elected Officials
  • News Access and Literacy for Civic Participation
  • Vote411 Update
  • Innovative Get Out The Vote Campaigns
  • Building Civic Capacity in a Time of Disinformation and Disruption
  • Youth Engagement-Intergenerational Organizing
  • Colorado’s Innovative and Stellar Election System