LWVGP Climate Change Committee

The LWVGP Climate Change Committee conducted an exploratory meeting of how LWVGP can address climate change locally.

The Committee reached several conclusions. The approach should be one that is cognizant of cost-effective measures; green initiatives can be expensive for municipalities to handle. The focus is to help cities in inexpensive ways, such as effective and efficient plans for disposal of hazardous waste and electronics.

Also, redirection of excess water driven by climate change through downspout disconnections, rain gardens, and overall proper drainage was a second element of importance. 

The Committee feels it is important to develop plans to educate the public on the reduction of the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides. All of this information could be incorporated into a link on a municipality’s website for public access. Working with our city managers to see what the different cities are currently doing and finding ways to help them become more effective in combating climate change is an important first-step.