Belle Ringers Recognized at LWVMI Convention

These members were recognized for their support of League priorities at the LWVMI Biennial Convention May 21-22.

Advocacy: Marge Freundl

Marge is nominated because of her dedication to promoting our local League’s positions, programs and events in all forms of media: website, social media, and print.

Voter Services:  Mary Ellen Brayton

In her first year on the Board, Mary Ellen was instrumental in setting up several Candidate Forums and revised our annual Your Government Officials brochure.   She also developed a program with a panel discussion: “Making Your Mail in Ballot Count” and organized a Covid-safe workday where 25 League members and friends stuffed envelopes with 4000 absentee ballots which were sent to GP Farms residents.

Member Recruitment and Engagement:  Sarah Coats and Laurie Coplin

Our membership information is completely up to date.  It’s a huge job to maintain the database at the local and national levels.  They have oriented over 40 new members in the past two years.  They have proposed ways to streamline dues collection efforts.

Strategic Planning and Fundraising: Carol Lufburrow

From her position as Treasurer, she recommended and, with board approval, was key in implementing the combination of two entities, merging our LWV-GP with the LWV-GP Education Fund, a strategic move with long-term benefits.  She also recommended significant changes to our investments adding better returns with minimal difference in risk.